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Telephone:0121 444 3338

Opening hours:Monday to Saturday 09:30 – 17:30

Address:Silver Street, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7QU

Terms & Conditions

This programme is open to all adults aged 18 or over in the UK or Channel.

To qualify for the cashback payment, participants must return their registered mobile phone handset(s) which must meet the following criteria:

Should power-up (turn on) and be in working condition

Should not have severe cosmetic or water damage although we may accept mild cosmetic damage, such as light scratching to fascias and surroundings.

Should include its battery and memory card, if the phone originally came with one.

Should be listed on our on-line database or you have made contact by phone or e-mail to discuss the value of your phone if not on the list.

Any mobile phones that are sent to and do not have a cashback value will be recycled in the greenest possible way

Mobile phones that are sent to cannot be returned except in those circumstances which are stated below. All phones received will be recycled properly. We are unable to return handsets that are sent to us and are accepted at full price or after a customer accepts a phone value at a lower price. Phones will only be returned to those customers that reject a lower price that may have been offered after receipt of the handset. The cost of the return of the handset will be covered by the customer and not by ourselves.

Occasionally the handsets we receive do not meet our terms and conditions. If the phone(s) still has a value we will contact you with a revised offer that you can either accept or reject. If you reject the offer we will return the handset as quickly as possible. You must respond to the revised offer email within 14 days. If you accept the revised offer, your payment will be made within 24 hours of your acceptance. We will do our utmost to return the handset sent in, if this is not possible we will return a similar handset to the same value.

If the handset we receive is rejected even though you may have originally been given a cash value offer, you will be contacted by e-mail. If we do not hear from you within 10 working days of notification that your phone has failed to meet the terms and conditions of this programme, we will automatically assume that you do not want the phone returned, and we will recycle the handset.

Occasionally we will change the offer values of the mobile phones on the website without any notice. If you send in a mobile phone(s), we will pay the current value at the time of receipt of the mobile phone(s).

We endeavor to pay all cheques and direct debit payments within 24 hours from receipt of the phone, where possible, as long as the correct details have been included. At busy times of the year we can't guarantee payment within this period. All payments are non-transferable and reserve the right to withdraw offers without notice.

Please ensure that you remove your SIM card before sending your mobile(s) to Your SIM card contains your personal details; therefore, any that we receive will be destroyed immediately and cannot be returned. Please also make sure that you remove any information from your handset, which could also store personal details. will not accept liability for any loss of data incurred in the event of SIM cards and customer data not being removed from handsets.

Some mobile phones are supplied with memory cards to store music and pictures. Please send the memory card with your phone if it came with one, this will be included in the value offered for the phone. does not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to handsets during transit. It is strongly recommended that all customers pack their mobile(s) to minimize the risk of damage.

The envelope or packaging that you use does not guarantee that the phone(s) will be received in the same condition as it was sent. In addition, we recommend that all handsets are sent back to us using recorded delivery, especially higher value models. recommend that when sending your mobile you obtain a certificate of posting from your Post Office. This will allow you to claim up to £34 for items not received. If the value of your phone is more than this then we recommend sending by Special Delivery.

Cheques or Bacs payment will be made payable to the participant exactly as stated on the registration form. will not be responsible for any error on the part of the participant.

We are unable to return handsets that are sent to us and are accepted at full price or after a customer accepts a phone value at a lower price. Phones will only be returned to those customers that reject a lower price that may have been offered after receipt of the handset.

Barred or blocked mobile phones will not be processed. These handsets can not be returned, they will be recycled responsibly.

Participants of the cashback programme agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated and by any other requirements as set out in any other materials in relation to this programme.

If the mobile handset(s) received into our processing centre are different to the handset(s) registered on-line, the order will be processed based on the handset(s) received, not the handset(s) registered.

Please remove any phone locks that require a pin code. Handsets that are received and cannot be fully tested because of a phone lock will not be processed for payment and can not be returned, we will just recycle the handset. is part of Hellomobiles Limited, Company Reg: 05832813
Manufacturer's names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.
Prices subject to change. Errors & Omissions, Calls to Contact Centres may be monitored or recorded.